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Magento – cms tags

Display a magento block in CMS Page:

{{block id='block_id'}}
{{block type='module/package_classname' template='path/to/template.phtml'}}

Escapes all HTML tags in the value of the var attribute, except for those specified in the value of the allowed_tags attribute. (The latter expects a comma separated list of allowed HTML tags).

{{htmlescape var='' allowed_tags=''}}

Inserts HTML layout output. The handle attribute expects the name of a layout handle, e.g. default.

{{layout handle=''}}

Inserts the URL of the media directory.

{{media url=''}}

Inserts the URL of the current theme’s skin directory.

{{skin url=''}}

Inserts the store’s base URL, i.e., the URL of the store’s home page.

{{store url=''}}

Does the same as {{store url=”}} but without appending a slash to the resulting URL.

{{store direct_url=''}}

Source: Markup Tags – CMS Directives